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Conceivable integrates three powerful program components that help you make progress toward a healthy pregnancy :


The Science

Based on 15 years of clinical practice and a continuously growing body of medical research, the Conceivable program addresses 3 key areas that are scientifically proven to affect your ability to get and stay pregnant.

Your Cycle

Menstrual cycle characteristics, like cycle regularity, cycle length, the amount and quality of menstrual blood, and other symptoms like PMS and cramping are significant indicators of fertility and your odds of conceiving on a cycle-to-cycle basis. Conceivable helps you understand how your cycle is affecting your ability to get pregnant.

Your Lifestyle

An expanding body of medical literature suggests that what you eat and drink, your weight, how much you exercise, and your personal environment can all affect not only your ability to conceive, but the health of future children. Conceivable helps you make healthy choices that improve outcomes.

Your Mindfulness

Research shows that stress isn’t your friend when it comes to getting pregnant. Yet couples trying to conceive are faced with higher levels of stress in their personal, financial and working lives. Conceivable gives you proven strategies and powerful resources for coping with stress and taking control of your fertility journey.

Conceivable Formulas

A cornerstone of the Conceivable program is our line of over 20 natural herbal formulas, developed over 15 years of clinical practice, where they have helped thousands of women improve their natural fertility. Each formula is specifically tailored to address unique underlying health factors that contribute to infertility, like irregular BBT, weak menstrual cycles, irregular ovulation, and painful periods.

Three Formulas Per Cycle

Based on what we learn in your initial Conceivable profile, you will receive three distinct formulas focused on removing specific obstacles to your natural fertility. Each formula you receive will be used on specified days during your menstrual cycle, to help balance and regulate your body.

Tailored For You. Every Month.

It typically takes 3-6 months for the Conceivable program to achieve its full effect on a woman’s natural fertility. Each month, you will receive a new, personalized supply of herbal formulas, based on the data you are sharing and the progress you are making with the program.

Virtual Health Advisor

The Virtual Health Advisor is your convenient, mobile access point to the comprehensive Conceivable program.  Available as an iOS app for your iPhone, the Virtual Health Advisor is your daily partner on your journey toward a healthy pregnancy. Every day, you will share data that sheds light on your overall fertility and menstrual health. Based on that data, the Virtual Health Advisor will respond with recommendations for action that can improve your chances for success.

See Your Progress.

The Virtual Health Advisor app will motivate and inspire you, by showing you the progress you are making toward maximum natural fertility. It’s easy to monitor your improvement each day, and from cycle to cycle.

Understand The Connections

By capturing data about menstrual health, lifestyle factors, and key fertility indicators in a single application, Conceivable helps you clearly understand how your lifestyle choices affect your ability to conceive, and empowers you to take action.

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